Ròm Bèrdè - "Green Rum"

Ròm Bèrdè (Papiamento for Green Rum)

Netto started producing the original and authentic Ròm Bèrdè when he was still a young boy. Only few people haven’t heard of Ròm Bèrdè yet and its fame is increasing both locally (Curacao) and abroad. People of all ages agree that Ròm Bèrdè of Netto Bar is a delicacy. Whenever you talk about Netto Bar, you talk about Rom berde.

People used to drink Ròm Bèrdè from small glasses with an ear and a glass of water next to it. Nowadays clients drink it either with fresh coconut water, on the rocks or mixed with their favorite refreshment. You can also drink the famous Ròm Bèrdè mixed in one of the 4 delicious cocktails.

We recommend you try NETTO BAR’S RÒM BÈRDÈ, the original and authentic one!