History & interior of the Bar

Netto Bar, which is situated across  the building of Landsloterij in the Breedestraat 143 in Otrabanda, was opened on 18 December 1954.
The initial idea was to open it on 15 December which was a national holiday, but due to some remodeling of the interior Netto wanted to have finished, the opening was delayed with 3 days.
The 50th anniversary of Netto Bar was celebrated in December 2004. Unfortunately its founder had passed away only six months before this memorable day.

Na okashon di 50 aña di eksistensia, a desvelá un plakat na su memoria.



In the approximately 55 years of existence the bar has always kept its characteristics which are: a place with a good collection of drinks of all sorts, a place where all clients are treated cordially and correct. And additionally  the bar has always remained a quiet and decent place where people from all social backgrounds meet, talk and enjoy good music and among other things, enjoy the famous Ròm Bèrdè.
People of all ages and social backgrounds, local people as well as tourists feel they’re entering a place with a distinctive character the minute they walk through the door of Netto Bar.
The coziness is among other things created by the unique tiles of the previous century.
Its tables and chairs are beckoning passers-by to come in and sit down for a while .
You will be impressed by the interior of Netto Bar while relaxing and enjoying your drink or your favorite music.
The interior and coziness, which are also created by the dozens of photos and football shirts will carry you away.
The walls have turned into a unique gallery of impressive pictures of the conserved monuments of Curacao which have put Curacao on the World Heritage List.
Watching the pictures will enable you to enjoy and remember those glorious moments of our city center.
The number of balls and t-shirts are mementoes of different World Cups.
You will be enchanted by the beautiful pictures of the Dutch Royal Family in general, but also by the picture of His Royal Highness Willem Alexander which was taken when he visited Netto Bar in 1999.
The glass display gives the visitor an idea of all different beverages Netto Bar has to offer. The bottles of the famous Green Rum have a prominent place in the display case.
There is something for everyone. And…… if you are unable to choose from the drinks in the glass display, there are always the bunches of coconuts for some fresh coconut water.
The relaxed atmosphere one encounters when entering Netto Bar and the music available are usually inviting for a spontaneous dance.
Especially on Friday nights when Netto Bar changes into a dance floor for its visitors so they can dance the night away to live music.
Don’t let anyone tell you about it. Visit Netto Bar yourself and experience its special atmosphere.
Once you have visited Netto Bar you will return to this unique bar of its sort and experience its magic once again.
It wasn’t mere coincidence that an insurance company and a young singer named Ephrem J recently chose Netto Bar as the location for their TV commercials.