Doe Willems Corner

Pedro Odulio Willems was born on April 29, 1914, in Curacao. 

Doe, as everybody called him, lived in Otrobanda all his life.

His profession entailed everything having to do with insurance, but his real passion was sports. He had always been a very good friend of Netto’s.

Doe was a faithful visitor of Netto bar. Every afternoon right after work he would sit there and have a conversation while having a drink. Doe always sat at his  favorite spot which was in the corner at the back of Netto bar.

Doe died on November 29, 2002. After his death, on initiative of  his children , the corner where he always used to sit, was baptized ‘Huki di Doe’ (Doe’s Corner).

The most important legacy he left behind was his conviction that one’s greatest value in life should be “LOOKING AFTER OTHERS”, because if your community is doing well your life as an individual will also be influenced for the better. To Doe, COEXISTENCE was a key word.

With his picture in his favorite corner he will always be remembered at the "NETTO BAR".