Biography of Ernesto I. Koster





 Ernesto Koster was born on Curacao on January 23rd 1915.

He was the youngest child of Cornelis Joseph Koster and Abelina Petronillia Koster-Cornet. He and his siblings were raised in the neighborhood called Jandoret.
“Netto” as everyone used to call him was enrolled in the Christian Brothers school in Otrobanda. After school he stayed in Otrobanda to learn a trade which was a custom back in those days.
At the age of 14 he started to work at ‘Stupi Haltu’ the bar of Shon Zjen Pietersz.
Netto married Vera Eersteling in 1947. Four children were born of this marriage.

At a relatively young  age he decided to start his own business. This dream came true when he opened Netto Bar on December 18th 1954. For Netto his family and his work always came first.

He was a great fan of soccer and attended several World Cups among which the World Cup in Mexico (1970), in Germany (1974) and in Argentina (1978).

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In 2002 he retired from Netto Bar at the age of 87.

In the last couple of years of his life, Mr Ernesto 'Netto’Koster, often had himself driven through his beloved Otrobanda by one of his daughters because his health was failing and he couldn’t walk very well anymore. The car
would stop for just a little while in front of his dream, his own bar.

On June 21st 2004 he died at the age of 89, only a few months before his 90th  birthday and also just a couple of months before his beloved bar celebrated its 50th anniversary.

Netto’s life motto was:
“Work until the sweat pours of your forehead to achieve everything you want in life and always help wherever you can.”